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Working out definitely helps these rough days. Get moving.

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So I've been NC for a week and a half from a failed attempt to get back together w my ex. and since I've already gone through the worst part of our break up back in november, I guess I could say I saw this attempt going down hill anyway. It hurts like crazy none the less, I'm kinda depressed, the past week has been specially difficult and I miss her like crazy. It's just been tough.


However, hitting the gym allows me to release all my anger, sadness, frustration etc. I realized that I can actually lift more weight and run longer distances and do more reps when the pain is strong. I sleep better at night and makes a huge difference during my day at work, which otherwise could turn unbearable.


Undergoing emotional stress of this nature results in massive amounts of energy and chemicals flowing/stuck in our bodies making it difficult to even function at a mental and physical levels. Remember that in the end all emotional pain (which is physical of course) is caused by the release of chemicals in our body pushed out by your brain which is in total despair while your thoughts and emotions feed each other in a vicious cycle of endless repetition.


My point is, if you don't move your body, you can't rid your self from some of this energy, these hormonal substances, toxins and god knows what else flows in there. Besides, it is scientifically proven that working out helps the production of serotonin which is the neurotransmitter that makes you feel in a good mood. Google it up.


Exercising definitely doesn't make me feel 100% happy, but it sure takes off a big load of anxiety, perhaps because I work out so hard that I don't have as much energy as usual left to subjectively complain and whine in auto-pilot all day.


Another weird bonus is the soreness a day or two after the workout. It distracts me from my emotional pain and it reminds me that mi arms or ABS are sore because I'm busting my ass to feel better, look better and be a healthy person for myself (not for her).


I smoked cigarettes for 10 years when I was younger, and quit smoking 8 years ago. This break up took me to the extreme point of smoking again. I was on my second pack in the past month (which is a lot for me), and working out has decreased this horrible habit significantly. I work out in the afternoons and I don't smoke for the rest of the day. The morning one is still hard to quit but I'll get there soon.


So I guess my suggestion is, release the energy stuck in your body. Do yoga, zumba, salsa, kung-fu, whatever you want but get moving! A punching bag sounds appropriate, doesn't it? and make it a habit.


Do you have any other suggestions of what makes a bad day a little bit better? What works for you? I'm open to suggestions.

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I have been running on the elliptical every morning for 30 minutes. Literally, day one since the breakup. I have been doing this for 1.5 month. At night after work, I go to the steam room, about four days a week.


have to admit, this doesn't heal 100%, I still think about him while driving, while eating, basically 80% of the time still. However I am able to function and doing well at work vs before I almost lost my job when our relationship was very toxic.


Gradually I do feel better and the pain is less. What's most important is acceptance is here, forgiving comes next, finally, I want to forget. Not that kind of forget of course.


The exercise really helps me feel calm. I have not shed a single tear for him in the last three weeks!

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So lets say that you don't exercise after breakup, what would the result be? Because in the end time heals everything right? If we take exercise out as a variable, I think people would still be just fine, maybe not changed for the better?

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