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why do i fall in love so fast


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Hi guys,


I am quite unhappy right now. i have had a very bad year with relationships, work and also had some deaths. this time last year i got involved with a man who was quite emotionally abusive. i realise now he was heartless only tolerated me for sex and i was madly in love with him and he broke my heart. i started seeing someone not too long afterwards and latched on to him because he was very nice to me but he's really young. i give away all my power to men who are incapable of proper relationships. i always try to end things before i get hurt but they pull me back in easily and then i get very needy if they try to dump me and try to stay with them and say i'll 'change' even if they're not right and keep hurting me. i was falling in love with this guy and we had only slept together twice. however, he dumped me via text and said i was pressuring him. it's like i'm scared to lose him from my life because he made me feel liked and cared, although he never really did much to show me he did. i don't know who is right or wrong anymore. this guy last year really screwed up my 'good people' filter. any advice?? am i desperate?! i hate to come accross this way, or 'unstable'. i do have some issues, but don't we all? i'm certainly not a crazy person. i'm very caring. too caring. i put myself last constantly. i need to get more selfish.

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