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After 2weeks of NC, she still show no interest


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First at all, I have consulted many expert, and started 2 weeks of no-contact.(NC started at around 2 to 3 days after we broke up.)

But before NC, I gave no strong signal to her and just completely disappeared. During NC, she didn't find me at all.

After 2weeks, I initiated contact. That was valentine's day actually. I didn't mention anything about our previous relationship. Just text her something like: hi, have not hear from you long time, how are you?

I know this message sucks!


However, she response very uninterested. According to some expert, I tried to be funny everytime I text her and didn't mention anything about our relationship.


I have been doing these for 1week. I didn't text her very frequently, around once per 1 or 2 days. But her replies are short, cold and lack of emij.


Now, after reading your book, I think I didn't give her a strong signal before our NC. Also, I don't know if my texting after NC actually gives her a feeling I need her. She actually asked me to help her buy something during our texting phase(she did initiate conversation for 2 times in earlier days. Er.… it is sth like me me she me she me me…)


So, should I use these thing as an excuse to ask her out?


Or I need to go though another NC period?


Or I keep texting her using the way suggested at " text her back" e book?


I think I messed up, please help!!

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NC is not meant to get your partner back. It is meant for you to move on... Also texting her every week is not NC at all. If you want her to have any chance of "missing" you, you need to disappear completely for MONTHS.


You look a bit desperate to get her back... I'm not sure there is anything you can do at this point.

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One thing I know is that there is not science behind "getting back with an ex".

In order to get back with an ex, both sides must want it to happen.

If your ex doesnt, it wont matter if you keep NC or frequent texting or whatever the case may be.


Having been both dumper and bumpee, I can tell you that the more you are after her the more you are pushing her away.

It is like a trick we used to do as kids, you place your side on a wall and try to lift your hand. You obviously cant because the wall does not allow you to, but when you walk away from the wall, your hand raises on its own.


Take a couple of months away from any type of contact from her and if you still want her, let her know. Nothing more you can do.

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