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On the verge of separation


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Hi this is my first post.


We've been together for just under 4 years. Lived together for more that 2 years.

We've had more than our fair share of problems but recently been having major callings out over the most minor of things.

10days ago we had a not even a argument which has resulted in him becoming completely emotionally detached. We've hardly spoken and there is no physical contact. I've asked him several times if he was thinking of ending the relationship which he always said no too. He says he's not being intentionally distant but he's fearful of this cycle continuing and it driving us both to be depressed.

To make things harder still, I was signed go work last week with depression and anxiety and started on antidepressants

He has been of no support to me at all, despite me asking. After many days of me being extremely emotional I decided 2 days ago I couldn't put myself through the emotions anymore and told him that I was taking a step back emotionally as I couldn't cope.

Yesterday he told me he has been thinking of ending the relationship. I'm not exactly surprised but upset he's been drawing this out.

I STILL don't know if he's leaving or not.

I can't live like this forever. I want us to reconcile but I feel I've tried all I can for now.

I'm at a loss as what to do

Should I end the relationship OR should I wait it out??

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Hmmm...you have depresison and anxiety. Is that BECAUSE of your relationship problems? Or is that your depression and anxiety are causing your relationship problems? Don't walk out until you've got this settled.


It's very common for ppl with depression to blame their partner for their sadness...I really think you should see a therapist before you start making any major decisions and don't be rash.

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