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Here I am again


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its already another day!!


I went over to grab my big items and she didn't say a word just acted like a ghost. She said we are done, were will never see each other or talk again. Of course she started crying but was holding it in and said that she should not cry since she dumped me and she should not feel anything since she promessed herself from her last relationship she would not get hurt again. And again said she knows what she needs to do but she can't since she is listening to her heart. She even asked me to stay the night because I was a safety net and she felt safe. I can't see or talk to any other girls or else she will go crazy (her words) Wishing she never met or talked to me so she could avoid this whole situation


I'm really starting to think she has problems and issues that need to fixed. I know she truly wished that I fix myself and we eventually get back in contact but she is just full of contradictions (Saying the damage is done)

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Well after my intense therapy yesterday I'm letting her go. All day she was going back and forth with me and I finally told her my happyness comes from me and only


she replied


Ill start thinking like you do and put my happiness first. And for me to be happy right now u need to be out of my life.


I didn't reply and she sent this an hour later


For me to get over you . I have to get you out of my life.


Not talk to you and not see you. Cause if I do ill want to talk and cuddle again. And with the situation right now its not good

Thanks to you im now putting my happiness first without thinking of anyone before me.


I don't know what she is trying to do she is the one that dumped me and doesn't know if she loves me anymore


And no I don't plan on responding tonight I'm grabbing the rest of my stuff and spending the weekend with my family

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I know its sad but at least I'm seeking help and I'm quitting. I'm slowly reuniting with my father and so far its for the better.


I saw her at the bar Friday night and she gave me hell but also said she knows we are meant to be together and she knows I'll complete my therapy.


She then called and txted during that night I only responded to the first call and she asked my why I left, Who I was with, What I was doing bla bla bla I hung up.


Didn't respond to her txts and other calls


here are the txt


I might be drunk but I miss you


I miss you


Come kiss me




Fine then!


They were spread out about 45 minutes. NC is helping me so far

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Better giev you guys a quick update


I'm still doing therapy and seeing a psychologist and I'm learning to be a better person and understand why I acted certain ways


Me and my ex were still dating but she did some things I cannot live with. She played with my heart for a good 2 months saying we werent in a relationship but acting like we were. She was hiding me from her family and lying about me.


At my birthday she spent the night talking to her ex. I'm also keeping a journal and started to see some patterns. Everytime we had an argument she would see her ex or another guy. Also, when she first broke off with me she joined a dating website the same day. The next day she gave out her number to some guy at a bar and were sexting.


She dumped me again yesterday...I didn't bother begging but tried to understood her decision but never did. I need to take a step back and look at the facts now.


I should have listen to you guys because I feel like I go tplayed again. I'm not accusing her of that but this is how I feel. I can't accuse her that she has issues but when I try to justify her actions I see some underlying problems

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