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My gf has been cold for a few days. We have been together for 6 months and have been 3 weeks on LDR. She went abroad because she found a new job, but the first month is very stressful because of the training. Last thursday her uncle died and I tried to be supportive calling her and texting, but she said she wasn't in the mood to talk to me. So on friday I stopped calling or texting only till the evening, when I sent her a text and she replied angry because I wasn't very supportive. I tried to call or text but nothing. Since then she is very cold to me. We only text although I ask her if she want to skype. The first three days she was angry, but now she is cold. She says she is very busy and tired, I know she is. Should I keep texting her and been supportive and caring or give her space? I have this doubt because if I don't callher she might think I'm not supportive and if I call she maybe feel suffocated.

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