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Reconciliation Update 1 Month Later


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Recap: On off for a year or so. Reconnected 8 months later. Known each other 4 years.


We've been hanging out. But baggage is hard to get over and there were a few hiccups.


We had a good heart to heart last night and determined being friends for awhile is best. I noticed my anxieties manifesting themselves again and I noticed him pulling back. Although nowhere as severe as previously it did make both of us question if we were ready.


Also the way he gushed about the guy he saw after we broke up made me realize he is not over him. It didn't hurt to realize this because I don't want to be with someone who doesn't feel that strongly about me and because I was questioning the reconciliation as well.

It made me appreciate how much his communication has improved. Also my anxiety and worries literally vanished overnight when expectations of a relationship were removed.


We've known each other long enough to have the strong friendship love that develops. The light switch flipped last night when I realized I loved him more in that aspect than romantically.


I will keep everyone updated.


PS I think it's important to mention I still kept up with my life outside the relationship while we worked on things.

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