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He hit me.. what should I do?


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Leave him


He is abusive. Hitting someone in an argument is the first sign that he cannot keep his temper and that his reaction to an extreme situation is violence.


It will happen again.


I'm married with 1 child and 1 on the way and if my husband EVER laid a hand on me i'd call the police and divorce him. End of. No second chances.


I've been with a physically abusive man and I promise you this is how it starts/

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I have a zero tolerance policy towards any form of physical assault, whether that is shoving, hitting, restraining you etc. I also make it clear to whomever I'm dating that if it ever happens even once, the relationship is instantly over.


He was totally and completely wrong to hit you, and you should leave him. But also keep in mind for future reference, that returning a blow escalates a fight and it not a wise choice unless you are trying to escape someone where you fear for your life and that is the only way to do it. But if he gets angry at you, then you get angry and return the blow, that will make things worse rather than better and weaken your case if you do have to go to court over it. Some women seem to think it is OK when they hit men but not OK in reverse, but frankly nobody should ever be hitting anybody, and if there is even one blow, that should be the instant end to the argument and also the instant end to the relationship because it has become dangerous and out of control.


Next, you're 23, so entirely stop any kind of 'play fighting' with men you date. That is appropriate in young kids, but in adults, and it leads to blurred lines about 'manhandling' you and can be a form of passive aggression that can lead to trouble. So stop wrestling with your BFs even in jest. If he wants to wrestle or kickbox with anyone, he can go to the gym and do it as a sport (and so can you). But if you just randomly play fight with him, it can also lead to a defense in court that he was 'just playing' and that you guys 'do it all the time, what's her big deal with it this time?'

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