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"My Skinny Summer" Weight Loss Journey


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Awesome job everyone!!


Went alittle crazy in the weekend and finished half a big bag of chips, a big cookie and ate candy and filo pastry. It's hard to eat healthy when you're out.


However, that was like 2 cheat days (the other day had duck and liver) and I'm back on track. Haven't eaten meat in 4 days. Considering I used to eat more meat than veges...Things are changing.


Have cut out grains and haven't had bread or noodles/pasta in 4 days too.


I lost another 2 pounds. I'm at 55kg now, so 121.2

Still exercising approx 90 min a day.

Went hiking in the weekend and was really intense. My whole body is noticeably more defined, esp the stomach and legs. I've lost another at least half an inch on my waist.


Excited for the weeks to come.


Everyone should try Fitnessblender, xhit vids.

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I know right! Currently I seem to have somewhat hit a plateau. I'm now 112. Aiming for 108 within a month and a half. Then I'll try to maintain that weight.


What i love besides the weight loss is the fact, I can now walk for 5 hours nonstop with no problem, and do 45 mins of intense HIIT without stopping. My stamina isn't crap anymore lol.


I now have a pretty decent thigh gap and relatively defined girl abs too. I look better in jeans now. Jeans used to be terribly unflattering on me.

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I started with a personal trainer this week, pretty happy with my progress since October but I definitely need that extra push to get to where I wanna be! He's put me on quite a strict diet for the next few weeks, started it today and god it's so grim haha! I hope once I start seeing real results I'll find it all a bit easier!

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Hi y'all. Haven't been on eNA for a while and I can't tell you how pleased I am to see that this thread still going. I have hit that dreaded plateau too .. BUT ... if ever I needed any inspiration I know where to find it. You guys are amazing!!

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So iv been on my specialised diet for 10 days now, my personal trainer decided to check my weight and body fat on Saturday before my session with him. A week ago I was 59.2kg, Saturday I was 58.7kg. Pretty happy with that, means I'm losing fat without losing muscle! BMI around hip bone last week was 10, Saturday was 9. BMI around my belly button last week was 16, Saturday it was 10! BMI of back of arm last week was 22, Saturday was 16. BMI of thigh last week was 26, Saturday was 20. Really happy with my progress, my stomach is starting to look really defined, honestly never thought I'd see the day! My energy is pretty good on this diet and I have to say I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would! Just have to keep it up now

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Been on the meal plan and training program 4 weeks now. Overall body fat percentage when I started was 22%, I'm now 17%! Weight when I started was 59.2kg, now I'm around 57.5kg (though it's constantly fluctuating so I don't really pay too much attention to the scales) feeling really good at the moment, had a few days of feeling very tired but I'm putting that more down to stress at work than my diet! Was able to lift 45kg on my deadlift last night which I was delighted about!!

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