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Interview nerves: help me overcome it pls!


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I have an interview tomorrow morning for a gift shop position. I was referred by an employee and a good word was put in for me to the manager. This person that referred me touched bases almost daily with the manager about how she sees my excitement and enthusiasm to get the job. His words to her were, "wow, she's that excited about the job?" ( lol)


She also told me there were two other candidates that have applied as well, but she feels I have the most experience as she saw my application and the manager said I'm the highest qualified thus far.


I filled out an application and was told to drive to the location to give it to one of the senior employees as this person is visual and wants to know the person behind the application. She seemed to had liked me as she stood very close and maintained eye contact with me. She talked about the shop and what my duties would be if hired. She also asked if I know how to use a register, stock supplies and whatnot. I told her I can and I have the experience to back it up. A week later I decided to follow up on the application status and called and left a message to the manager that would be interviewing me. He promptly got back to me the next day wanting me to come in for the interview Monday and will have me refill out my application online since they have an online system now.


Ive been studying and practicing answering typical interview questions. I recorded myself and maintained eye contact with the camera pretending it was him so i'm comfortable looking at him while speaking. I'm afraid that I will freak out and get so nervous that I will flub the questions and look incompetent and unsure of myself thus bombing the interview.


The worker that referred me said he's a laid back and very chill Comic Con nerd so that made me feel better knowing he's not there to intimidate me or stress me out. I still feel nervous though. What more can I do to make sure I keep my nerves in check and to have fun instead of stressing out if I will get the job or not. The worker told me to just be myself and answer truthfully. Any thoughts? I also intend on mailing a Thank you note to him immediately at the end of the day so he gets it with a day or two.

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