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Could she be Intersted


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I have always been afraid of talking to people in general. Cant make friends with guys because its weird for me to talk to random strangers. Women, even worse.


I freeze up. Like those funny goats, when you scare them they freeze and fall. lol


How do you know if a girl is interested. Since the time i saw her I felt something when i looked in her eyes.(sorry to sound like a cheesy hopeless romantic) probably just the imagination of a virgin nerd.


There are occurrences which make me wonder if shes interested.


-9 months ago


First time I met her i let her go in elevator first. Later that day she asked me if we had something in stock. I work in the employee dining room in a Las vegas casino, just imagine it as a big Buffet, but just for employees.


Then later came around to get something else and complemented on how well i was doing my job.


And it wasn't even something complex, just organizing food items. Like usual I froze with a smile and said thanks.


-some time later, i see her in the elevator again this time i actually say "how are you doing" and with a big smile she say "fine how are you " And in the elvator, i could see her looking at me from the corner of my eye.


-2 weeks ago, she was getting ice for her drink, the ice got stuck in one of the machines, and rather than using the other one, she tells me with this cute helpless look. "its stuck " So i go and fix it. She says thanks with a smile. Then after returning to doing my job, a few seconds later she walks behind me and with a smile says thanks again .


-last week i was cleaning and she was getting her food from the line. and she just happened to be right by me, she smiled, said hi, looked down and i looked away since im shy. Said how are you doing, and she said Fine whilst smiling.


-today, I saw her again, smiled at her, and she smiled back.


I dont know, maybe im just imagining. Crushes are so exhausting. Just want to make it clear, i grew up on fantasy video games.


I dont just care about sex. I want to believe love exists. I'm looking for my Asian princess. Who i can travel the world with and adventure. Sorry to sound corny.


I grew up on Japanese RPG's So i have a warped view on the world. I dont feel good enough for anyone.

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Yes, I would say that from what you've posted she could be interested.


You sound so sweet. Your post made me smile. It seems like you have a great sense of humor. Why not try and make her laugh the next time you see her and strike up a conversation?


Thank your for replying


My negative side always takes over. "Why would she be interested?" "Am i even good enough to date yet?" "what if shes taken" Just a few questions my negative brain asks itself. Only had 4 crushes my whole life, never talked to any of them out of fear or rejection.

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Well it seems she is interested but you really need to get things beyond just short introductions. I would make an effort to get to know her better since you work together, you could ask to go to lunch or something. Find opportunities to talk to her and give her a chance to get to know you as well so she can decide if she likes you. Don't think negatively about the situation, this is something that happens every second of every day between men and women. Its completely normal to want to go out with her, don't fear rejection its something we all have to deal with, you need to build upon rejection as its something we all experience and as we become more confident in these situations they become easier and more natural. We have long rooted ways in which we interact with each other in society and its been that way for ages you just have to get into it. Don't try to hard just be as natural as possible. Who knows she may say yes or no, she might even have a boyfriend but you could still be friends with her, and it would be good practice for future opportunities.



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i think there's a big chance she's interested. just ask her to join you in something casual like a cup of coffee-after all you work together. you are a really sweet person, just try not to frezee, be yourself and show her how sweet you are. aside from that you mentioned "growing up in fantasy". there's nothing wrong or embarrassing or corny about having grown up with/enjoying fantasy. it just shows me that you're a creative, emotional, fun person. never apoligize about "sounding corny" or "being romantic". be bravely "corny and romantic" for many guys are not, and it will only make most women like you more.



*ps guitar

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