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Breakup Confusion


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Hey there just need some sort of advice or something ...


I had been going out with a guy for over a month and even I will admit things between us seemed to move fast .. you know that feeling when you feel that you have known someone for years because of how comfortable you feel with them? Well that was how it was with us. But recently he has been dealing with a lot of stress due to work and some medical issues he has had .. then all of a sudden he said he wasn't sure if he could deal with the added stress of us aswell and pushed me away. He keeps saying he doesn't know what to do, and adamant he still really likes me a lot and his mind is '****ed' right now. He ended it with me saying how he doesn't think he can do this anymore due to his stresses. I asked him if he thinks after he is under less pressure will he maybe chance his mind or realise he has made a mistake.. he keeps saying he doesn't know and cant even talk about it. What should I do .. this has come all of sudden out of blue. Do I give up on him or wait for him? Hardest situation ever!

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