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Facebook Top Fans question

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I'm a freelance writer and I recently started working on the Facebook page for a client too. I'm rather new to social media as a job.. well, actually, very new, since this is the first page I've worked on. For some reason our "Top Fans" list isn't showing up. It says, "There has not been any activity on the page for this period. Please check back later." The stats show up for December and January though, and there has been posting/liking/sharing activity for February. In January it was visible all month. It's important that I can access this because we're running a contest and giving prizes out to the top fans. I think we have the free version of the Insights, so I don't think it's an issue of the client forgetting to pay a bill. I can always ask him about this but if it's something small and silly that I'm just overlooking, then I'd rather not make myself look silly by doing so. Thanks!

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