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Dont know what I want in life


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Hey all,


Ill try to keep it short and sweet


Im a 26 year old man. Single. Just about to graduate in July 2014 for my undergraduate degree. I worked since I was 12 in some form and have a lot of relevant work experience in several fields.


I dont fear change, however I do find it hard to make choices. Im always worrying about what choice will be the best and how it could affect my whole life, which paralyzes my decision making process a bit i guess.


So my 2 options currently are :


1. Keep on studying . Get a master degree and then work.

This will give me a chance to develop myself more on a personal level and professional.


2. Get to work this year and go into "real life".

As i know the field of work already, its a man dominated world. I will work long hours, have hard time to make room for personal life and the chances of meeting a new girl to give all my love to and settle down are severly diminished. In my family everyone met their life partner during college or before.


I am newly single once again after a long 4 yr disfunctional relationship. I fear that if I start working now, I will not get a chance to meet new people as much as I would as if I were to stay in college. I fear that if I decide to start working full time, thats it. I will work a lot, make good money but will be unfufilled on a personal level. Im scared I will turn into that 40/50 year old guy who still buys food for 1 in the supermarket.


Maybe because I am a newly single this is keeping me up sometimes.


What would you do in my position, and why?

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Depending on your field, for some industries, getting a master degree doesn't add much value when you go out for job hunting. You could always work full-time and study part-time, but it's not easy for everyone.


As for finding a partner, I'd say focus on yourself first. Your view on things and relationship may change after you hit the real world. What's the rush?

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