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Add him? But should a girl...?


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Okay, ya'll. I need some advice.


I work in retail and there is a guy that has been coming to my job since around November. I never really thought much of him until recently. I'd say a week or two ago. He started being super nice and sweet on me. Always smiling and even fidgeting a bit when getting his money to pay me. He typically comes in on weekdays and is in his uniform. A little over a week ago I was going to clean the mens room and he walked out. It totally took me by surprise because I wasn't expecting him as well as he was dressed REALLY sharp. Khakis and a nice button up. He is just really sweet but when he says little sweet things to me I tighten up because I am so nervous! Anyhow, I have not seen him since last week and it kind of scares me. However. The last time I rang him up I scanned his reward card and when I do that, a name prints on the receipt. So, I found him on Facebook. It looks like he doesn't get on there a lot and I really want to send a friend request but I DO NOT want to scare him. I also know that it's not (from what people tell me) good for a girl to make the first move. What do I do? Should I send him a request to be friends?


Thanks for any advice.

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