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NC 30 completed, next is NC 60

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I gave myself a A- while being on NC because I broke down twice and go ogled for him, that's when i found out he had an online dating profile after we broke up. It set me back for about a week.


Looks like I am not done with this healing process yet...how do I know?


Ask me these questions and the answer is no.


If I was to talk to him again, not back together, would I be happy? Would I look at him and be ok with what he did to me?


If I was to look at his social profile, would I be ok and whatever?


If he was to come begging? How can I be sure that he won't betray me still?


If I was to see him with another woman now, would I feel whatever, who cares?


Or just see him now, would I feel ok?


All No...so continue to 60 NC.


However, I am better each day. For those who are going through the same, don't give up, ask yourself lots of questions before making contact. What good does it do? Will there be any result that benefits your healing and happiness? Most likely or 99.9 percent none.


Also, make sure you exercise, and I mean, literally everyday. It makes you happy,make the pain less and less everyday until its permanent. I know this because my friends parents are both doctors. I ask them a lot about this topic. Make sure you do aerobic exercise.


After that, consider going to the steam room because it helps calm your emotions and sleep better. These are not just temporary potion, but if you keep on taking them, it will be a permanent change. Just don't give up


On the side, try to find like a hobby, for me its video games, I get so into it, I think less of him.


And last but not least, when you feel alone, don't date. Learn to be alone sometimes! You cannot spend 24 hours with your parents or your friends so yes, learning to be alone is also part of the process. When I was with my ex, we were barely separated from each other, and now when $hit hits the fan, he runs, and now I am alone. I thought he would be there for me no matter what...but that is not true in reality.


Oh and a lot of therapy for self improvement or the situation was really traumatizing. Mine was..his mother yelled at me and packed all my stuff and he let her do all the dirty work of kicking me out. Be careful with a mamas boy..

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Great post! Keep up the good work.


I'm just into 6 weeks of strict NC. Everything what you mentioned to do is true. I wish I could exercise everyday, though. It's hard for me to get to the gym consistently.


My ex lives with her crazy mother so she's a mama's girl. haha! Her mom sent me a few angry emails. But her and her mom are so much alike.


At any rate, good job and keep it up! I'm in this with you as well.

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On the side, try to find like a hobby, for me its video games, I get so into it, I think less of him.


Try to find a hobby that takes you outdoors, is physically active and expands your social circle. Being physically active really fights the blues.


You are doing AWESOME! You definitely that an A in my book for not actually contacting him. Keep it up! Can't wait to hear about day 60.


Now...block that dating sight. You can do it in your browser... That will help you resist!

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