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How to become friends ?


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I love one guy from my school. He is older but he doesn't know I even exist. At least I like to be his friend, but how to become friend with him when we never talked to each other or something. I asked this question several times and most ppl recommended me to write him on facebook. But it seems kind of weird to me write him just like that when he doesn't know me!! I mean, if he was my classmate, I would find some reason to start a conversation but his not in my class so.. hope you know what I want to tell... I would feel really embarassed if I wrote him and he didn't answer me or even if he did I would feel stupid. So the other ones recommended me to just say hello to him but this bring me back to my first point... I feel exactly same way like that option with facebok. I feel so hopeless!! Please if you have some ideas, advices I would be so thankfull.

btw sorry for my English

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