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what would you do in my situation?


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I started seeing this guy about 3 months ago. So far he is amazing, he treats me nice. i decided to spend the weekend with him. everything was perfect until Saturday night when his ex came over to his house, she opened the door and just walked in. then she started screaming and getting all mad because i was over. He kept telling the guy that i am seeing to stop playing games. The guy didn't even do anything he just sat there and let her talk. When i finally asked her if the two of them were dating, she said nope that they are just friends. After she leaves the guy told me a whole store of how they dated before and decided to buy a house together, so the house is under his name and her name. He told me that she left him for a guy that was richer, and the girl told him that they can remain friends that is the reason why they are friends because he wanted to lift her a little bit. he kept telling me that the girl told him that he was ugly and fat. My problem is if they are not dating then what is the big deal and why did she get jealous that i was over at his house and that i am dating the guy that apparently she didn't want ?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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