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i think My kids father unofficially confirmed he's bi or gay

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So i posted a thread about a week or so ago on here asking if My boyfriend might be bi or gay (go look for that thread) so fast forward to this week we have since unofficially broken up we dont kiss dont touch he gives me forehead kisses and we have not had sex or kissed since The end of December 2013...so yesterday me him and The kids went shopping (we have 2 kids together girl 6 Boy 7) and i stopped at The store to go get some bras and when i got to The register he had picked out 5 shirts for our daughter he has never ever did The shopping for our daughter he always tells me to do it....so Now All of this gayness of his was making My gaydar go off because when we got in The car he started nagging me about every little thing so finally while he was driving i said out loud ”come out The closet already” i know he heard what i said The first time.....so he said ”what did you say” and i hesitated for a min looked.him straight in The eyes and said ”Come out The closet already” he didnt say anything he just looked at me with a disgusted face....then i got quiet and it was silence until we got to our next destination which was to get something to eat we.dined.in i had a huge attitude he kept asking me if i was alright and i just shook My head yes...so he dropped me and The kids off last night and went home.....so this morning i sent him a text


The text said:


”I'm sorry about yesterday for telling you to ”come out The closet” I'm sorry for being insensitive for saying that and other things. Idk how you feel about your life and i probably made things worst...It just hurts me becauss we have kids together most importantly a son and i just want The best for him and our daughter”


He replied : Thank you



Then i followed up By saying :

” I will be praying for you that you can Live your Truth The Truth shall set you free-Much luv


He replied: ”I love you too”



So i think he confirmed things i feel so hurt i haven't told any1 about it but its bothering me like hell ..hes so religious he brings me to church with him every saturday and Now i feel like were living a bald face lie (Im crying)

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Okay ,this was difficult to read because it was a huge continuous run-on sentence.


First don't have fights about your sexualities in front of your kids. It is demeaning to the two of you and demeaning to your children.


Are you worry about what kind of father he's going to be depending upon his sexuality? I think parenting skills are completely independent of what your sexuality is. Gay / Bi people can awesome parents. Just like heterosexual people can be awesome parents. So I don't think that should be used as a distinction of whether he will be a good father or not.

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hes so religious he brings me to church with him every saturday and Now i feel like were living a bald face lie
And you are. Regardless of his sexuality, you don't like each other. If he is gay, then that is the ultimate irreconcilable difference. You need to start the process of separation, starting with going to church. If you are also religious, there is no reason why you can't go to services at a different time.


You're probably not interested in counselling to try and repair things at this point, so it's time to find a lawyer, and learn what your rights/obligations are. But, you should consider getting personal counselling to help you deal with the fallout from all of this.


A friend of mine went through something similar and, like your husband, he had come from a religious family -- very conservative, blue collar, men's men kind of thing. Her husband thought that if he got married, the feelings he had would go away... they didn't. It was a bad breakup and everyone was hurt by it. Take a lesson and get counselling for your children. They need someone neutral to talk about all this, I'm sure there's lots they won't understand and you are not going to be in the right frame of mind to help them cope, since you'll be dealing with stuff yourself.

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