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Getting harder and harder. Realising she dosent care.

Michael 93

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I am now into the second week of NC with my ex Girlfriend. We split nearly a month and a half ago.


The only contact I have given her in the last two weeks was a text on Valentines to let her know I am thinking of her. I had no reply. I assume she was with this new guy she is seeing. I have since still had no reply.


This girl meant the world to me and my heart bleeds everyday I am not with her. I cannot sleep without thinking of her and what she is doing.


Since the break up I have tried everything as humanely possible to get her back. I have pleaded with her, sent her flowers (which she laughed at and gave away) , gave her little sentimental things (the first drink I bought her, favourite food with little notes and pictures, met up with her, poured my heart out. Non of this has had any impact at all, all she has done is tried to make the relationship look like a lot worse than it was. I think this is to make herself feel better. A couple of weeks after we split I was calling and texting her asking why? and if she cared. She was nasty all of the times we spoke and explained she dosent miss me, dosent care about me and dosent love/want to be with me anymore. some of the times we did meet up she explained she does care and that she would remain in contact and meet up from time to time, explaining she could help me. She never did that. Explained I wasn't getting it and we couldn't speak anymore because all I thought is that I could get her back.


I appreciate we are over and what can I do about that. The thing that is destroying me... is how little she cares? We spent so much time together and had some really special memories she even lived with me for half of the relationship. How can she care so little? I believe she may of emotionally detached herself a long time before we split but still, to be so close to someone and talk about marriage,children being the only one theyve ever truly loved, how can that change so soon.. Thats the bit that hurts me, knowing she has moved on so fast. She is even seeing another guy. We work for the same company and I had been informed she even booked valentines day off. Pretty obvious what that was for


I need help because from time to time I am checking her friends Facebooks and seeing pictures of them out partying/chilling in bed. She looks beautiful albeit, but she seems like a totally different woman to what I fell in love with, and I know she is enjoying herself. She isnt ever coming back I know that. But to see her having such a good time without me kills me. I thought I was worth more than that to her I struggle to see how she can cut me off in an instant. Why isnt this getting easier!?!? I am trying to move on but it is all hollow and worthless.


I miss her greatly. And deep down I would kill to have her back with me. She knows how bad this has affected and messed me up but still she hasnt text to see how i am. Please any advice would be welcomed. Thank you for reading.

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Please stop torturing yourself by looking at pictures of her and posts about her online. There's no good that's going to come from that and you're only prolonging your suffering.


Have you seen this link? This is a guide that will help you: link removed


I'm so sorry for your pain. Really there's no magic cure for getting over a breakup. It takes time. Going No Contact helps tremendously -- as does several other things addressed in the above guide.


Keep posting if it helps!

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Sharky is correct.....


You need to stop what you are doing, and stop now....

Read what is here on ena, and SOAK IT IN.....you are currently doing everything wrong to "get her back", and even more importantly, you are just prolonging the agony.


Most everyone who will respond to your post has been thru this man, I've been thru it twice....after losing my wife of 20 years in 2007, and recently being dumped after 5 years, so most here have been thru it and have dealt with the pain....


I don't claim to have all the answers, but feel like I learned how to get over being dumped thanks to what I learned here.....


Everyone's here for you, peace......

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