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Hello everyone,


I am here to ask for advice on how to get my ex back.


We have been together for about 11months.

At the end of Jan, 2014, we argued about some little thing, and I lost my temper, dumped her and ran away.


I know it was a big mistake, but I just cannot control my temper.


The day after, she contacted me and asked me if I was still angry. Of course, I said sorry and wanted her back. BUT she said we need time to calm down and think about it.

I know it is not a good sign (She never say this before).


On the following days, I still keep contact with her but keep the conversation light and funny. BUT she seems to be cool and not that active in our conversation. I remember I try for 3 or 4 days, then I suddenly think that there is no hope and I text her to say we are over. Yes, another big big mistake i made.

She asked me why, but I just said we are not suitable to each other and always have argue. At that time, she is not very emotional.


About 2 days later, she send a photo to me.

This is one photo we took before. I think it was a good sign, so I ask her if she still want to hang out with me. She said not unwanted, but what is our status?

Once again, I said I really regret what I said and asking her if we could be togethet again? She think I was unpredictable= =

And finally, she said let us be friend, that would ease both of us.


So now, after 2 weeks of no contact, I find her. But she show not much interest. I don't know what to do now…


1. Is she already move on after 2 weeks NC?

PS: some boy approached her during NC but being rejecteted


2. I know there is not much hope, but I decided to get her back, no matter how hard it is. I would take it as a training to control my emotion or a punishment to my over emotional behavior before.


Any action plan? In this case, NC seems not working well…

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Before you try to get her back, take a moment and think whether you truly want her or if it is your ego that is overtaking you.


Anyway, there is no proven "method" to get an ex back. If both of you want to be together and one of the two initiates contact then you can work your way back together. If one of the two doesnt want this to happen, it will never do.


You have already asked her twice to get back with you and she has refused, this is wake up call. The longer you stay begging her the more you push her away.


And about staying friends? Do not contact this girl at all.

You messed up and now have to accept the consequences

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