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Hi everyone,





six months ago I met a guy through a dating site, we met up 5 or 6 times, it didn't work out in the end.


a month later I went to a festival in the summer and saw this guy whom I knew was " friends" with the guy I had dated. I thought he recognized me when he said hi (I was friends on FB with the guy I dated) but he didn't. so I pretended I didn't know….we started talking and after 20 minutes we said bye.


a few days later my friends posted a foto on instragram with the #name of the festival. he saw that and liked the picture and started following me. I have to say that in the beginning I didn't find him attractive at all and wanted to make the other guy whom I dated jealous. (childish I know) anyway we became friends on FB too and he would sent me private messages on FB and after a while we texted on the phone.


few weeks later I went to an event and he was there too, I could tell he really liked me, he was following me the whole night. at the end of the night we kissed. it was very good! afterwards he called and texted me that he had a great night. we continued messaging each other, a week later he asked me out, we had dinner which was lovely. I started liking him more and more. a week later he asked me out again, I said yes, but a few days later I didn't feel like going because of a few things that bothered me. so I canceled by text, he said it was a shame and that we should meet on another day. I wrote sure….


after that I asked him. tell me…what are you looking for? he wrote back, not for a relationship if that's what you want to hear. but if it happens it happens, with a smiley. I wrote back okay I was just curious. I was so happy I canceled before asking that question


anyway after that I was a little distant, he kept contacting me, and I would respond but in a more casual way. after a week we had a little argument on whatsap and didn't speak for a few days. 3 days later he called me, but I missed his calls, he then texted that he felt like an , and he didn't want to hurt my feelings. that he finds it difficult to express his feelings because he has been hurt in the past. this is the first time he " kinda" opened up to me feeling wise.

he wrote that he really likes me and that he wants more than we have now but is afraid and that he will try to be more open


I wrote back that he didn't hurt my feelings and that I liked him so much better when he opens up to me


after this we met up 2 or 3 times.


in the meantime I have a guy friend who is very attractive and recently became single. we have been friends for a long time and the past few weeks we've met up. Sometimes he leaves flirty messages on my FB wall and likes almost every picture I post etc. the guy I was dating now has seen this


a few weeks ago I was on whatsap, the guy I was dating and I were talking and I made a joke. he wrote back…why don' you ask ( my friends name) since he's leaving you these cute messages on your wall?

I wrote back: what are you talking about?

him: repeating it again, and adding maybe him and you are a better match!

me: I like cute!, if there's something you want to ask me, just ask!

him: I don't like asking questions

me: well that's what normal people do, maybe I shouldn't ask you anything anymore. Fun!

him: why are you acting so strange? you know what I know ebough

me: ???

he didn't write back, so after 20min I wrote: it was all clear to me before this nonsense

him: sorry I was on the phone

what was clear?

clearly you know more than me

I was just curious as to who he was that's all

2min later

ok let's leave it at this

like you said I'm wasting your time

take care!



I didn't write anything back, he didn't even give me the time to respond and I felt like WTH??? take care???


after a week and a half of thinking I thought I'll write something, and maybe we can talk (we've known each other since summer)

I send him a message: still alive?

he came online but didn't say anything


2 weeks ago I went to an event, he was there too with his friends. his friend came up to say hi to me and we talked a little bit. my friend whom I was with went up to him and asked how he was. he told her that I ignored him and he felt like I " dissed" him by not responding.


later on I bumped into his friend again, he said yes (his name) is a little bit angry with me. I asked why? the guy I was dating was angry with his friends for talking to me…..pfffffff


towards the end I lost my friend…so as I was walking he touched my arm and asked if I was okay? I said yes. he asked if I had lost my friend and if I wanted to call her. I didn't know her number. he then walked off (so strange)

at the end of the night I was putting my coat on he asked again if everything was okay, and if I was waiting to see if my friend was still there…I said no. he then said wait here, don't go anywhere. he came back after a minute with his coat.


he said that he came with friends in the car (not his) and he didn't know if there was enough space. I had to return the locker key so I went off when I walked back I saw them standing there but decided to leave. I didn't want to stand there waiting and then him telling me there is no space


so I left, and called him after 20min, he said oh sorry we left. I said oh that's okay. he said good night and that was it.

after hanging up I thought ugh maybe he thinks I called because I wanted a ride. so I send him a message writing: I wanted to ask you something else

he wrote back: what?

I wrote back: you kinda make me sad…

him: I feel the same way

me: I don' t understand you're always so sweet and now it's all so hateful

him: I'm not hateful, you were the one who was agrasive and weird (on whatsap


I called him again (I thought he would be home by now) but he was at a friends place having a drink

I said that I did want to say something but that he hadn't even given me time to respons, and what is there to respons to take care? I said you know what we'll talk some other time

he said sure and asked if I had a good night and we said bye


the next day I send him a message: are you awake? (party was till 6am)

he wrote back an hour later: hey barely I have a friend over, we'll talk later. have a good night

(I didn't hear anything from him)

the next day I responded to his text: did you have a good evening last night?

him: yes it was nice. I'm so tired now. going to bed early

he didn't ask me anything so I wrote: you do that. Sweet dreams


after that nada!


(until the party he had me blocked on whatsapp, but after I had called him he unblocked me)


the last message I had send was on Monday, by thursday he blocked me again


I think he expected me to say something and I felt like by calling him twice and sending him 2 messages I did enough. I feel disappointed. not even so much about us not being together, but more so because we've known each other since summer and we recently became closer and that he didn't even feel the need to talk to me and at least leave things in a good place


what do you guys think? did I mess up? do I owe him in apology? or is this a: move the hell on



sorry for the super long post and english is not my first language so bare with me

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Agree with the others plus the confusion about the different guys you're detailing sort of confused me. So I'll just say this, if a guy gets upset because you don't respond instantly by way of text when you aren't a couple move the heck on, because they're a drama queen. If a guy gets upset, because he doesn't want to date you but then his friend does then move on, because he's just being a selfish jerk. And if a guy doesn't respond to at least 3 texts and/or calls after upset and then blocks you it's time to move on, because he obviously isn't good at communicating.


Keep dating and keep your options open, none of the guys above sounds like they really clicked with you in the long term and that's what's important. Plus the whole communication thing is important. I think that covers everything.

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