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hello i know its a big one and my English are not perfect so i am sorry for that.


me and my ex we where together for 6 years we never had fights, cheating or the big "mistakes" that ruin a relationship.

yes we had problems the last month of our relationship we dint get out a lot for the reason that i had a big amount of money to pay for taxes .i don't have a job and yes I am search for a job but here in Greece with the economical crisis is not easy even to find a simple part time.

even with my no job status I don't have economical problem thanks to my parents and my past working I have manage to have a good income from renting.


for 6 years we where always together every weekend we where not only a couple but best friends also

yes we had talks about our future and my job status I have told her that this year(2014) I want to make the next "move" on with her

2 week before the break up she was living in my house and we where happy together no problem at all.we where having fun playing video games(i have bought a second pc a laptop for us to play together) we did walks around the area not problems at all.


then the next week that my ex was in her family and we weren't together we had a funny chat going on Facebook with my ex and some good friends. then a guy from some people that she had meet from her ex boss started doing the same joke In a different post. I have talk her lots of times that I don't liked this guy and those people that she know from her ex boss for the reason they dint showed respect for me,they started inviting her out without even thinking that this girl got a boyfriend and that some day I will talk to them that this that they do is not nice and respectful for me.

I did I started talking to this guy and he showed a really bad character I even told him that he continues to talk bad to me in my girls page, and then I got the phonecall from her saying that it wasn't good that what I did.... and she will ask sorry to the guy etc.... my mind was in a shock I told her that this guy talks bad to your boyfriend and you will ask sorry to him? then the bomb dropped she said the end


I was in shock the first thing I did was to go at her work I told her that I will wait for her to finish her job and then to talk...she was furious she said we done and there is no reason for me to wait she even said that she will not talk even if I wait all day.. i left i dint wanted to cause any problem to her job.


after 3 days we meet for the reason to give me the laptop back and for me to give her clothes that she had on my house. but let me talk for what i did ... i really moved the earth i have talked with my family and i did steps to show her that i am serious about our relationship and i want to move on with her..

i talked with my brother about a house that he got.he said that he will be more that happy for me and ex to move in and that he don't want a rent or anything only for me to pay the bills of the house.

like i said before i don't have economical problem heck i am unemployed with a convertible car so i was really happy the bills are not a problem for me.

so when we meet up i told her about the house and that also got a big amount of money for starting buying things for the house(i was saving money for that reason from the days that i started working when i was 18 years old) i also told her that i don't expect her to spent money for the house and the only thing that i ask is little time for me get a job and then get marry (even you believed or not i am paying the bills for that house even now for respect for my brother and yes that house is empty).

i told her that and she know it that there wasn't a economical problem and we where ready to move on i also said to her that i am sorry that i dint did those steps earlier and yes it was my mistake that i dint had that talk with my brother and family.

she showed a person that wasn't the girl that i loved she was talking bad and cold she said that she wants to care only for her self now, that she don't have the obligation to follow me,and that she can see me only as a friend.


after 16 days we had a meeting together i was hoping that she changed her mind and that she was thinking about the things..it dint end good she was cold and it ended with me crying on her hug she said to me to only look my self and don't care for anyone,and have a happy life.


then after that i decided to go nc but i have broken my nc 3 times with the outcome to be her to talk bad on me she even hang up the phone that last time i broken my nc


right now i am in 1 month of full nc but i am hurting and thinking about her..

i dint lost only my girl i lost my best friend i had fully devoted my life at her. in 6 years i dint had a day out with friends, i was always with her, doin everything with her.

she had problems on her life with men before me and she don't talk with her dad (she also mention that he have deleted her dad so its no problem for her to delete me) she have broken a engagement with another man and she had a abortion when she was with another one for the reason that she got gynecological problems (she can keep a child pregnancy after the 6th month).


right now she lives her life she posts pictures with new companies that she got (i have deleted her from fb but i friend told me about it for the reason to make me realize that she don't care enymore)


as about me i have deleted her phone,fb,photos everything that reminds me of her and i am in 1 month full nc. but i am hurting every day i haven't manage to find a job yet and im searching every day for a job not for the reason of money but for the reason to be distracted and meet new people.


right now its really hard for me for 6 years i haven't done eny new friendships and most of my old friends have moved on with their life's. most of them are married or with their girlfriends and in other areas far away i spent my time at home searching for jobs and talking online if eny old friend is available. i only get out to shop look for jobs or to have lone long walking's around.


i am feeling really lost and useless.. i am all alone i have none to go out with even for a beer and it really hurts to be 32 years old and seeing everyone to move on.

right now i know that it wasn't healthy that i was fully devoted on her and i dint had a healthy circle of friends but i was really happy when i was with her.


every day that pass i feel that i am trapped and i cant find a way to move on i am not the man that will start talking with people that don't know or random people on the street and i don't want to bother my friends anymore now that i know that they are happy on their life's with their families and girls.


even medical problems started to show up i got a problem on my teeth from my smoking habit and i have to go to the dentist to look in to it.

i am feeling that the life is punch me from all corners and nothing good happens.

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in 6 years i dint had a day out with friends, i was always with her, doin everything with her.


My heart goes out to you. You absorbed yourself in another person, and you're now aware that this was unhealthy. She felt suffocated and you made your world too small.


I can understand that this doesn't feel very good right now, but this is actually the point from which you'll build a life of your own.


The more resilient you become, and the better you pull that off, the happier you will become, and the better your chances of a loving, healthy and lasting relationship going forward.


I know this feels harsh, but for your own sake, this breakup needed to happen. Recovery will take time, but you can right your own course now and you'll look back and thank yourself for pushing through this and expanding your Self.


Head high, you'll see better days ahead.

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