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100 Happy Days


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I started something called 100 Happy Days recently, I'd never heard of it until I started noticing posts from Instagram with the hash tag so I decided to link removed


Anyway, whether you're an avid social media user, or not, I quite like the idea of it.

It is basically a challenge for you to collect a picture each day of something, anything, that has made you happy. Obviously, the reason it is a challenge is because we tend to over look the little things - especially when life is getting us down. The fact that we have a time limit each day to find just something that makes us a little happy sort of makes sure we actually do find something. It might even encourage us to go out and do something, take a walk, cook some nice food, meet up with a friend - in order to get our picture.

By the end of it, you have 100 pictures of the journey you've taken through your challenge and you can look through them any time - or even continue on with the habit.

I know for a lot of members who are currently struggling with breakups, NC, family trauma, death - might actually benefit from having this in their life as 100 days is a long time to concentrate on something nicer for a few minutes of the day than whatever terrible things are going on in their lives. I don't even think it is necessary to "join up" to this site, although I did. I think just doing it for you will have just as much benefits as sharing it with others.


Anyway, I understand it's not for everyone, but I just thought I'd share with you guys

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