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Normal or weird behavior?


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I'm writing because I want to know if this is normal or kinda weird.

Among our group of friends is a distant friend (going out buddy), guy in his 20s, is really friendly, outgoing, popular with the girls although he's currently single.

The guy has a sister close in age whom he's really close with. He always gloats about how sweet, angelic and wonderful she is. She makes him packed lunches, they go out on sibling dates etc. on valentines day he posted photos of his "hot valentine" with pics of flowers gifts cards and a candlelit dinner---with his sister.


Do you think that's weird or am I just overthinking and weirded out for no good reason??


Edit: I asked my hubby and he said no guy should call his sister (or any family member) a *hot date*.

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They're blood siblings I think approx 1 year apart? Its nobody's business really, but I want to know if me being weirded out was just an overreaction. He does talk about his angel frequently amongst the group.

I have brothers and we're never really close other than the occasional hugs.

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