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He broke up with me in November after a 6 month relationship.


I found out he was then logging onto my Facebook last month, going through my messages and deleting my friends off there. He then told me he wasn't doing it, and he wouldn't lie to me. He was also commenting on my instagram with comments like "LOL THIS IS STUPID" when he was drunk over christmas, and posting photos with writing on about me, also when drunk...


We then deleted each other off all social media after he said he needs space - and so did my mum, but he re-added her?


He said he hadn't even thought about me for the two months - which was a lie - he was logging on to my Facebook and going through everything I had on there...


We are at uni together, but he is in his third year - me my second. He isn't supposed to be in uni as he is currently doing personal studies, but every single time I go in, i see him at some point...


The other day i was talking to someone about getting help with essays, he walked from the cafe, into the hall i was in. Waved and said hello to my friend, smiled at me. He then walked up the stairs, smiling and looking at me, and went to sit on the balcony above where i was discussing this extra help. He kept looking at me and smiling and listening to the conversation. I then left, and he got back up and went to the cafe to sit with his friends - I watched him do so.


I then saw him two days later when walking down the stairs, and he stopped and looked through the window - staring at me again.


I have mentioned it to my lecturers as it is making me very uncomfortable being at the uni - and they have told me he is very very confused at the minute and to give him time and he will stop...


I just want others opinions on why he is doing this weird behaviour? Someone said to me he isn't over it and still has obvious feelings - but i disagree, i think he has no control over what I'm doing and needs to know...


Im just very very confused, I do still have feelings for him and I think I will probably always have these feelings, as he is my first real boyfriend and we did have a really nice relationship...


He also hasn't spoken to me at all, just stares at me... I still have a few of his belongings and want to give it back to him - what would be the best way to do so? He wants to meet up and give it to each other?


I have changed my password, and he has not logged on since...

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Ignore him and don't even bother with his belongings. If he wants them, then mail them to him or get a friend to drop them off to him.

Block and delete him from being able to view any of your social media sites.

Stop watching him watch you and just ignore him altogether.


He's trying to get a reaction from you for some reason that only he knows and since he's not making any effort to tell you what that is, then get on with your healing from the breakup by pretending he doesn't exist. In time, he won't exist in your mind or your heart and the more you do to facilitate yourself getting to the stage of indifference to him, the faster you will get there.

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Do you have a male friend that can speak to him about meeting up to exchange belongings and money owed? If not then just tell him next time you see him and then make a time to exchange with him. If he's being unco-operative then write them off. Don't let material things keep you mired in his stupid drama.

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unfortunately i don't. Our 'mutual friends' are no longer people i would refer to as friends. He is also my only male 'friend'. I am going to have to deal with this on my own. Its pretty sick to think that actually, i still like him and would like to try again.


Thank you for replying though.

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its complex, but he decided to go on holiday with another girl - when we were together. I told him it wasn't acceptable, but he went anyway. He then came back, was nice for a day or two, then said he didnt feel the same as before he went away. He wanted some space but did say "we can try again in the future"... He then texted me a week or two later, telling me I lied too much, I was too immature and he wanted a more mature relationship, he said we spent too much time together and that it was a deal breaker...


I have done no contact since 3 weeks after the break up, only breaking it on the occasion he was speaking to me about Facebook... I would have instantly gone to no contact, but we had a holiday booked for a week after the break up that had to be sorted, so we had to be in contact for that period of time...


I also happen to know, he was slated for going on holiday from the uni and they told him he had to focus on his studies, and when we were together neither of us did any work... So I do believe this was a huge contributing factor to the break up


He kept telling me he wanted to remain friends, as we had this bond and we became very much part of each others families. I was happy to do so, but i told him I needed time and space from him. He told me to contact him when I am ready. But I am just very confused about what is going on in his head at the moment. Its probably nothing, but i don't know...

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