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Flooding and extreme weather.


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Hello everyone. I hope you are all keeping safe from the, ice storms and flooding that are hitting all over.


I'm living near the Somerset levels, and the area is very badly flooded. Two villages are completely flooded out, homes destroyed. Where I live may be cut off from civilisation pretty soon if the weather keeps up. Tree's have come down, on people travelling, on the only non flooded route out of my village, and on power cables in other areas of the country.


Luckily we've got lots of people donating food and clothing for those who have lost their homes and we are all pulling together. This has been going on for over 6 weeks now the government only just started doing something to help us after Prince Charles came down and donated 50 thousand. Sadly it looks like more of the villages and levels are going to be allowed to flood, to save a town..


Anyway, I just want to send my thoughts to all those who are in a dire situation right now, and tell people to keep strong!

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