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Who Moved My Cheese?

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I ran into this article years ago, I dare say in grad school, and it's as relevant now as it was then.


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It's very simple: change is constant. No matter what happens, change will happen.


This author presents life in the form of two fast rats and two slow rats living in a maze searching for large cheese vaults.


Now the way I see it, if the rats are feet, as long as you and your spouse each possess a fast rat and a slow rat, you'll be fine together. The fast rat leads, the slow rat follows, and that's how it goes.


If for any reason your spouse should possess both fast or both slow feet, however, then you have a very real and serious issue, one where the inevitable break up simply must occur. As the old "growing apart" adage goes, people just grow in separate directions and become so different from who they were where they were compatible for each other, that the relationship simply collapses. Yes, you may indeed still think they're the whole world and that, but as dumpers, they're the fast rats, and no matter how fast you run as two slow rats, they're running circles around you before the relationship ended and they're miles away once it's over. Even if you catch them out of breath, once the regain their energy they're just going to feel caged up back inside the old relationship. Time then to let them go.


So when one pair runs away, it's time to go find a new pair...

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