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How do you know when to back off ???


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So I am dating this guy long story but we fright a lots about him not spend a enough time with me .it either cuz of work or his family or he alway leave early . We could spent more time together but that long story we are just dating we not bf and gf yet .he tell me I push him to much about hangout like I know there not one else but I just want spend time with him we used to spend a lots of time together and now I feel like he don't want spend time with me he said he does but idk like I don't get time I want with him and idk what to do I think I am push him I really do care about his and us so I don't know how back off and not be pushing or not get mad when he can't hangout or he change plan last min when he know how important it is ugh don't know what to do like i miss him when I dont see him for days but I know he don't miss me it just really hard not see him as much as u want to

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