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Am I being Paranoid?


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So, I recently met a great looking, seemingly nice guy on POF. Because of past experiences, I now feel like maybe I'm being a little jaded and looking at every little thing to see if a guy is a player or not. I just don't want to waste another 3-6 months on someone and find out they have no interest in a committed relationship. We went on our first date the other night and I thought it was a little weird.


I got lost and I was 20 minutes late. He texted me when he was on his way, and then called me several times after he knew I was lost and/or searching for a parking spot. Finally, I get there and he's as handsome as his photo - which is actually one of the weird things - I favorited him on POF because I didn't have time to write to him and I was planning to send him a note later that day. The next time I log in, I see that he's removed his photo, so I think that's odd and decide not to write to him. Several days go by and he sends me a message on POF explaining that he took his photo down because he was tired of all the goofy messages.


Back to the actual date - it's about 8:50 pm. at this point and we're seated in a booth by the kitchen. We order a few beers, chit chat a little. He keeps telling me how adorable I am because he makes me blush a few times. We make small talk for a bit, including about how much he likes horror movies and how much I do not. I mention that I've never seen some of the classics and he says we'll have to remedy that. We order a second beer and at this point, he slides over close to me in the booth and stretches his legs out on the booth. I thought that was a little weird. He touches my arm, my knee at one point, and he's very close while talking to me. We were flirting a little bit talking about kissing, and I said I've been told I'm a good kisser - so he leans right in and kisses me, in the middle of the date! So, he seems very interested, but by the end of our second beer, at 10:30, he's asking for the check and we're out the door. He never asked if I was ready to go or mentioned that he needed to leave, he just stood up to put on his coat. I give him a ride over to his car (after he walked me to mine), and we kiss a bit more then say goodnight.


We text each other that we're home safe and he jokingly refers to me as "hot lips." He says he'd like to get together again, and I quote "ASAP Hun." Okay, so the next evening is Saturday and my night frees up. I text him and ask what his plans are for the evening. He says not much. He said he had to go into work that morning at 6:30 am. He says, "there's always movie night!" Well, I may be naive, but I'm not that dumb. Movie night = sex. I reply saying let's do something different, like bowling, and I jokingly say I don't think I'm ready for movie night yet ;-) He writes back that he'll have to see what work is like and he'll let me know if he can go out. Really? We text back and forth a bit and by 10:30 that night he sends me a message saying he's sorry his work went so late. We text sporadically the next two days and he asks when I can go out again. I tell him Wednesday (but I have my kids so I can't drive too far), Friday or Saturday. At this point, I'm thinking that if he's just a player, he's going to skip Wednesday and try for the weekend when he knows I don't have my kids and he'd have the opportunity to try to put the moves on me, lol. So, I'm surprised when he says Ok, and when I ask him Ok to what? He replies, both. On the other hand, his next message is any evening is good for him as he only works until 7:00. Um...didn't he just blow me off on Saturday because he was supposedly at work until after 10:00?


I don't know if I'm being paranoid or if I should go with my gut that's telling me he's not what he appears to be. Any ideas? Thanks!

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