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Can I get a few opinions on an online dating question?


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I recently signed up for match in the hopes of finding something a bit more "real" than what I've found on okcupid and pof.


One woman in particular piqued my interest. A few days after signing up, I got an email saying that she was "intrigued" or something by my profile so I sent her an email.


A few days later I got a nice response answering my questions and asking a few of her own. She sent a second email apologizing for the delay and said that she has sorta been taking a break from responding to emails but that I look interesting and she didn't want to miss out.


We emailed back and forth four or five times and it seems that we have similar interests and a lot in common so I asked her for her number and a time to call. She gave me her number and a time to call. I txted her so she'd have my number (she asked). Later that day, she txtd saying that she forgot abt a wine tasting so that night wouldn't work. She didn't give me an alternate time. That was Thurs. Yesterday, I called her and left a voicemail. She responded via text saying that she was working but didn't want me to thinks he was ignoring me and that she was working late so she'd have to call tomorrow (which would be today).


I thought it was kinda sweet that she thought enough to let me know.


She didn't call today. She did, however, visit my match profile this evening.


I was pretty excited about this woman because she seems sweet, ambitious, seems to have her life together, is well, educated, and is gorgeous. Plus, she seemed interested in getting to know me. But she seems reluctant to talk. I'm fine waiting but I figured a 31 yr old woman with her life in order would be beyond stringing me along.


I liked the signs she gave but I've often assumed that if a woman is interested, she'll make it work. Any thoughts?

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I think the ball is seriously in her court now as she has cancelled on you calling twice, and then just refused to call once it was her turn. It is definitely up to her now to reach out and make any contact at all. Put this woman "away" for the time being and stop contacting her. It sounds like she has lost interest for some bizarre reason, unless she isn't that dedicated to talking to you in which case she "forgot". Definitely leave her alone for now and if it is as simple as her forgetting, she'll be in contact as soon as possible to apologise.

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Welcome to online dating.




Im Sorry Slimpee ... I have done that to a couple of guys. Don't take it personal... It's probably just her juggling too many men and/or just not enough interest on her part to want to make a leap. However I do think that it is super rude to cancel on someone because you 'forgot' and leave them a simple text only after they called and left you a vm. That's just me.

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