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I feel like I'm finally in the last stages of my break-up after about 6 months of NC. I went thru the stages of grief/sadness, the frustrated/confused phase, the anger/resentment phase, and finally I'm able to look back happy that it's been over with no hate or anything in my heart. My ex is the same exact person he was when we met... Like, nothing has changed (that I know of anyway)... and nothing but great things have been happening for me after I evaluated the reasons why the relationship failed, the type of people I was allowing in my life, and I have been focusing on my own health and happiness for a few months. Now, I can look back and literally shrug. This is awesome! Thanks for your help! I'm done with narcissists and emotionally unavailable men for GOOD. I can pick out red flags, and run the other way finally. I know how to walk away before I allow someone pressuring me into a relationship to get to me. I've learned so much about myself and others in these past few months. I'm thankful.

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