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My girlfriend has strict parents please help.


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Me and my girlfriend are both 18 and seniors in high school. She is passing all her classes with A's except for one class. Her parents made her choose between moving out the house or not be with me until she is passing the class. This means i can't even talk to her. She obviously chose not to move out (I don't blame her) but now i'm not sure how long it will take and saying that i'm not sure if we will have any feelings for each other by the time she starts passing her class. Her parents say they really like me and don't want to hurt me but it feels as if i'm just a tool for the punishment. Should i wait or have a talk with her parents and let them know how it is effecting my life. Please help its only been two days and and it sucks every time i see her knowing i'm not able to talk too her. Also i won't talk to her at school because i don't want to put her in a position to lie.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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