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how do you act around your ex when you and him/her are in same event?

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My bf of 8 months broke up with me around 6 months ago, because he thinks "we are comfortable but it doesnt mean it's gonna go anywhere...he's been thinking for a few weeks and that I am getting obsessed with the relationship...we havent seen each other for two weeks (he never initiated contact or minimally replied mine)" he was my first boyfriend, first guy I loved and I was devastated when he broke up with me.


We met up one month after BU because I wanted my things back and he suggested getting drinks afterwards and caught up. Then we sorta remain in contact (asking the other where to get this or that, happy birthday message, holiday greetings, facebook...) , but never really caught up or meet up again. I ran into him once. He was the one who saw me and called out my name, I would say I was a bit awkward because I wasnt expecting it, I was with my friend.


2 months ago (4 months post-BU), I started going to climbing groups, I knew my ex used to go to one of them, so I went to the other one. But back then I didnt know he also goes to the other one that I was going too. So now we would from time to time see each other at climbing events. I felt okay with it because I got friends there and I love going climbing and screw what my ex will think. The first time we were at the same event, he was the one to say hi first but that was it. The second time, he would come up to me before the event starts and catch up with me, after that we stick to our own friends there. Sometimes we would chat, but I seldom/barely be the one to say hi first and never be the one to start the conversation, if we talk, it would be him talking to me first. The only time I would be the one starting a conversation with him is when I run into him and drunk.


Recently, I drunk texted him twice, it's not anything like "I miss you" or "I hate you", he would reply but I still feel embarrassed. At the climbing events, I didnt go say hi or talk to him he didnt really say anything to me either except at the end he would ask me if I m joining for food as it's what people in the group would do after climbing.


It felt awkward and weird, or maybe I am just making it awkward myself? Sometimes I want to talk to him, but I felt awkward since he's with his friends (I know some of them and one or two people know we dated before)

How do you act when you and your ex are in the same event?

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