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No idea what this girl wants?


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Ok, so I started talking to this girl about 2 months ago. She told me she had feelings for me, and I said the same to her. She has had a complicated past with relationships, so I said that if she doesn't want a relationship that's fine. One day she comes to my house, she starts nibbling my ears and my neck later on, not long after that she had to leave. 2 Days after this, her internet cut out for 3 days, we don't live within walking distance, so she couldn't see me. When her internet comes back up, she was saying how she really missed me, etc. I see her the day after her internet gets fixed. On this day we kiss a couple of times. She usually calls me every night on skype, so she did that night, but she had to call with someone else. While she was in that call, she was messaging me, saying that she missed me, and that she wants us to kiss again. The next day she calls me on skype and says to me that she's sorry for last night and that she thinks she's just pimping (going from guy to guy).


I have no idea what to do at this point. If anyone has any advice, that'd be great.

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