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Opinions wanted, please


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Here's the scoop.


Met a gorgeous woman online and we hit it off right away. We both felt very comfortable with each other from the start.


She has 3 boys ages 6, 8, and 10 from a marriage that ended 4 years ago. Very nice kids. Problem is the ex husband is totally obsessed with her and is constantly texting/calling. He's a functional drunk and makes a lot of money, so at least he pays child and spousal support, but he also tries and control her with money. He's currently in Rehab and somehow thinks he will get his family back once he becomes sober...she will never take him back btw.


A one on one relationship is hard enough these days. Is it worth going into a situation where there are 3 children and a crazy obsessed ex husband that will NEVER go away?


I do love this girl, but we have broken up many times over various things: she's a bit high maintenance because she gets a lot of money from the ex, she's in school, and she likes expensive nice things and just spends.


I know I"m rambling. Bottom line is I've broken it off with this girl many times and she has chased me down and talked me back into the relationship.


Now she is the one wanting to move on and I'm feeling regretful, but I actually just think it's my ego and have lost sight on what a bad situation this is LONG TERM.


Just wanted an outsiders opinion.


P.S. I think her beauty kept me in far too long.



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She loves the attention of men. She's said, "every man I've dated has wanted me to have their baby" All her past ex bf's and her ex husband have pined for her to come back.


I refuse to be another, so I'm going NC and letting her go.


She called to say how terrible of a bf I was and how happy she is now, and that her children haven't asked about me once.


No advice????

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It sounds like you don't want to be involved with her anymore, that you love her but aren't very compatible.


I'm a single mom so I always see kids as an added plus to any relationship, and an ex-H doesn't have to be a problem anymore than an annoying in-law is a problem. Basically it comes down to what you both want. It sounds like she's ready to end it and you're uncertain at best.


My advice is to give it a period of time without any contact, so you can both calm down and let the thing play out a bit more. No situation was ever made worse by giving it space. Maybe you'll have more clarity in a few weeks.

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