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5yr ltr 6mos ldr..... we hd a plan to get in get out bk together asap.... yes we chatted tango txts calls visits. Smethng on hs end started to change last oct 13'. Less contact thts the 1st sign ddnt bug him tho. Just enuff for him to knw im hre for him etc...

had plans to mve thre end of oct 13' nvr panned out by the way? These wre his doings mkng plans we agreed to stick to the plan....


Went for a visit dec xmas actually.... by the way he was reallly wanting a visit i went. He was diff. He was constantly on hs cell. An on a sat after work? He ddnt cme hme till the nxt day, wow.


Red flag..... i ddnt argue wth him jst sd ur disrespectful an not cool behavior!n ur the one that wanted this visit...

went bk end of jan 14' had to get my car(long story) he ddnt knw i was coming.... i txtd sd u wana meet? If he sd no just head out. Visit was better still diff tho.... He admitted to cheating duh.... sd the usual love u noone compares.to you wana be together in love with you.

Heard frim him 1x since then.... he sd lve vmails so i cn hear ur voice did that...


Bottom line? Evrythng is a choice. If a guy or girl wants to be wth you they wl find a way, act right.


Devastated yes.... im taking the high road n/c... hard? Yes! Funny thing like he sd he has someone who loves him truly,(me)


Evrybody actions speak louder

than words!!!!

Remember its them not you.... its choices.....



No official break-up just the fade out

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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