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Please help me??


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Ok, So i never really use these sort of sites but I really feel as if i need to talk/get advice from someone. Its abit of a long one- basically i have been with my girlfriend for about 10 months now. I am 22 and she is nearly 19. Not so long ago we broke up after a drunken argument- i apologised, she apologised yet after going to work she told all her friends she was 'done' it was only the day after she told me. I have a feeling her friends in work had somewhat of a part to play in it all. However, after being split up for a few weeks we re-kindled and got things back on track. i found out that when we were split up she started taling to a 'friend' a guy I had never heard of. I eventually asked her about him and she said he was her friend before we met and he simply started messaging her when we split up to 'check shes ok' I bought it. He has sort of dropped off the scene a little but still texts her and goes to see her in work etc. she swears she will tell me when he does because she knows ima little jelous. This is my first genuine case of jelousy so im not to sure how to react. Anyway a few days ago i noticed she literally never uses her phone anymore, she would leave it in her bag for 8/9 hours then check it when i would leave the room or she would leave it in her bedroom whislt we would be in another room. Almost like she was hiding soemthing? Every odd time ive caught a glance at her phone as in when she would rarelt pick it up i didnt see anything i should be angry over but still i feel like she was hiding something. I confronted her and asked her about it and she lost the plot with me told me she is sick of my jelousy and my obessesion. My only reply was "are you going to leave me" (masculine, i know) and she said no she was jsut annoyed. SHes pretty much gave me the cold shoulder since. I just dont think she realises how hard this is, im constantly worried she will leave me liek she has. im worried this guy she confined in is trying to/may have moved in on her. and im even more worried i graduate soon and i feel like im basing my career choices on her and what part of the country she will be in (shes expected to stay at home finishing college for the next 3 years) What shall i do? Im not a jelous guy Im usually confident, with high self esteem I feel likew without her im nothing. Ive had previous relationships where this has not happened. I need help guys

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