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I'm confused and don't know what I should do

Rabbit 5

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I end up hanging with my mate's and my ex was there on the weekend.


he keep looking at me and every time I walk pass he check me out (look at me up and down) I double checked it and he keep looking at me.


other times hide behind his sunnies.


I wasn't even dress to impress because I'm over him and I want just to be friends.


he was the one called it off.


Every time I hang out with him he rude and try to make me feel less intelligent. I'm nice towards him because I'm that sort of person but I'm standing up for my self because it hurts but I want him to stop doing this because we over and I'm wondering why keeps checking me out? Or listen on my conversation with our mates. feels weird and why is he doing it?


He was rude towards the guy I bring and made him feel unwelcome but why? We over.


The next issue I want to date the guy but if my ex is doing that I don't want anyone deal with that because it's hurtful and I don't want course trouble.


also I'm scared to date new guy because I don't want deal with all this drama if one of as calls it off.


what should I do.. I want to tell him what's your problem and you have girlfriend and leave me alone but I don't want seem that I'm jealous. I want be friends


at same time I want be with this guy but don't want any drama.

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