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having second thoughts about applying for another job


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I posted here before about a bullying boss and thankfully she has been left go - we have new management team but they also seem to be bringing in their own team with them

So far they have filled two promotional positions (without advertising but unions useless lost battle there) I have been unhappy and on Friday applied for another position within the company which means taking a pay cut - now having second thoughts


My main motivations for applying


> no promotional opportunities where I currently work

> hate the mundane tasks

> want to get away from two work colleagues

> I was promised one job by bully boss but she then gave it to her friend and demoted me


Where I am applying to

> they are cliquey - frying pan into fire maybe

> people describe job as a doss - I like being busy

> salary cut


They have given me interview for Thursday and as soon as I received it - it just did not feel right but if I stay I will be unhappy but fear being unhappy if I move


Should I go for interview and see what happens

If I do and get the job (I am actually highly qualified for this job - just my self esteem is so low at the moment I don't think I am strong enough to settle in ) is it wrong to turn it down?

Will my new manager decide that I am just not committed to my current job by looking at others?


I know I should go with my gut feeling but to be honest I just feel nothing other than the discomfort I felt with the interview arrived today - any advice greatly appreciated?


How can I not damage my working relationship with any of these bosses?

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Do you have any leads to apply at another company? This one sounds like you're going to be stressed out whichever way this goes.


Sounds like time for a change to another company.


Going to be a lot of politics either way you go, my advice is just stay with the job you have and look to find another job at a different company. If you think that switching positions to get away from co-workers solves anything, then how can you guarntee that these new co-workers are going to be any better? Maybe, its time to ask yourself if its the job which is driving you crazy, or if you are just feeling a little depressed and whether or not you can just fight through this mood. This happens to me a lot, soon after i leave i always regret it thinking it was the job that was causing these unhappy feelings but really it was just depression.

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I would not take the job you describe, particularly since the main unhappiness you have with your current job is a problem with a clique of coworkers, right? So no, maybe talk to your new manager about a different job in the company you currently work in and let them know you want to advance or want more or different responsibilities. And turn the other job down, particularly if it's a pay cut with no other benefits to it since the work doesn't seem better to you and you already know you'll be the new girl in high school so to speak.


Maybe quietly and discreetly look about for a better job, but I don't know why you even felt the need to tell your current manager you were job shopping to begin with. I wouldn't ever advocate doing that. But no, the new job doesn't sound like it's a prize either and if you can suck it up and keep going at your current company and work hard to get a promotion why not? And be politely professional to your coworkers, but not pals.

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You're assuming the new job would be for less money, but that's based on a posted starting range.


Many companies don't demote salaries when a posted wage is less than a given candidate's wage. Paying more for your experience and prior service to the company would be factored into their decision to hire you for the role, or not, over a cheaper, less experienced candidate.


If you're qualified for the job and they want you, but they don't offer your current rate, you could counter their offer with an acceptance contingent on keeping your current rate.


If they don't accept, they've made your decision for you--so you don't need to fret about not accepting.


Allow things to play themselves out and make it a goal for 2014 to manage your anxiety better. You work yourself up, and that's not only unhealthy, it keeps you miserable.

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