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When a guy reaches orgasm early


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Hi...I am dating a guy I know for 2-3 years. The other day we were in his car and we started kissing and proceeded. We did not have condom so we could not have intercourse. But when I touched him there he came in 1 second. For me it was weird of course but I did not say anything. He said I did not have sex with women so long." This so long is almost 2 years after his break up with his gf. I believe him cause I know him enough.


It happened again. This time he said: it is because I touched him directly and if we have condom he wont come so early....Well I doubt...


There are two things: 1-He has been always like that, which seems kind of impossible, cause he had 2 gfs before and it is impossible to have sexual relationship like that.

2-It is really because of not having sex for 2 years. He may masturbated and as I know if you do masturbation a lot regularly you will have

problems with sex.



From the other side. I have problems with orgasm like so many women. I almost have never reached that point with a guy that I get in masturbation... The feeling of relief that I get in masturbation is more physically but in real sex it is psychologically... I need to be relieved physically in sex...It happened just 2-3 times for me since I am not virgin any more.



Is it better to give myself and this guy time? Should I talk to him about it??? I dont know what to do... I really like him and I want this sexual part gets better between us. I should mention that enjoy him and hugging him and he said the same about me.


Thanks for reading.

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How much do you actually like this guy?


Be cool. Take it as a compliment. He was so excited he couldn't control himself. Chances are very good he is telling the truth. Anyways, you'll find out soon enough if you keep seeing him. Be patient.


In the meantime, you can be focusing more on really getting to know each other on the non sexual front. Going out and having a good time. Laughing.


For yourself too - you'll have an easier time reaching orgasm if you learn to relax and not worry about performance.

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