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Ex texted me last night...


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So, was seeing a single mom for about two months. I've known her since I was a kid, and we recently got back in contact. Things started off as just friends, but eventually she started prying and I admitted to having feelings for her. Things were great for the first week or so, conversations were natural and I felt that we had a really strong connection. But from then on, everything became pretty weird. She had every excuse in the book when it came to the ex still being around (not her child's father). He would be over once a week, with her trying to help him with this and that. I didn't mind, its not in me to be jealous about something like that. I would only see her once a week, and it was mainly just picking her up from work once a week. The phone calls seemed lackluster, her text messages were brief. I felt like the only time we would actually communicate would be when "I said something wrong".


Last week I asked (for the second time) if I needed to back off. In my head I thought I was being mature about it. I felt like she had a lot on her plate, with school coming up, her child, the ex still being around, the drama with the ex's family, and work picking up. She then told me that this is the second time I've hurt her. That I was supposed to be a foundation to lean on during times like this. Now here's where I start blaming myself. Did I really do all this? I just wanted her to be happy and I felt her distance. She ends things with me. But she then seems surprised when I tell her I don't want to talk to her for a while.


Last night I get a text. "Are you done being mad, or should I leave you alone still". I first don't know what to say. We text for a few mins and she accuses me of still being mad twice. She then asks how I am, and I reply "I'm doing well. Thanks."

She responds with "Really" then "NVM".


Is this a game to her, did she expect me to be begging for her at this point? I don't know why she would have broken NC, but whats up with all of that?

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Sorry to say it but I think you were her backup. Someone to pick her up from work if she got stuck,.

If she was interested in anything more she would stay in constant contact with you.


She is contacting you now to try to keep you interested in her. She misses you as her backup plan. I would stay NC with her, and find someone who has less drama.

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