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why my ex still acting strange!!!

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If you read my past post you know about the trip.

I went on trip to see if I still have feelings for my ex and see if I could cope with his new girlfriend.


I sow him and he was there with all our mates, hanging out and there was no feelings in my heart towards him. Was just blank.

It just felt strange because we been broken up for 7 months and haven't really been talking.

I was my bubbly self. I was having fun and talking to everyone.


We talk just bit but then it hurt because what ever I said he was trying contradict what I said. I was sitting next to him and he was doing it so I stuck up for my self


he keep looking at me and I sow couple of time when I walk pass he was checking me out. I gave him evils looks sometimes because I didn't want him look at me....

why is looking at me I wasn't dressing to impress I was in nice relaxing close lol.


he look was blank and like he wasn't happy and confused but I don't know why.


Other look I don't know because had his sun glasses on.


I was with our mates and he stand back and watch everyone and didn't want join as. He disappeared for while I think lol.


I found out the guy who I came down with, who else is mates with the group. My ex was giving him evils and being rude towards him. He met this guy before but I found out my ex he always didn't like this guy ever since I first talk to him.


My ex didn't bring his new girlfriend and i thought that was weird because if I went on a trip and I knew my ex going be there. I bring the person I'm dating because I have nothing to hide.


sorry really I'm just venting because I just think he has issues and needs to sort them out and I'm wondering what the... he's the one that call it off so doesn't need be rude to this nice guy who done nothing wrong or me because we over

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