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My boyfriend said a White girl is prettier than me?


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I know this question seems stupid and immature but I've felt so insecure for the past couple of weeks because of an incident with my boyfriend.


My boyfriend of ten months is White, and I'm Chinese. He's told me many times that he has an Asian fetish and that he would never be attracted to a White woman. He's made this very clear and states his opinion very strongly, listing down the reasons why Asians are better than White women. All his past girlfriends were Asian as well.


My boyfriend works at a hospital and his boss apparently hired this girl who moved all the way from Russia. I was in the car with him a few weeks ago and I was talking about how Asian women tend to be more successful than White women and how they are more intelligent. He snapped at me and said, "Our office hired this young girl, she comes from a Russian city. Unbelievable beautiful, she can be a teen idol. So never underestimate White women."


When I heard that, I was confused. If he claims that he never found White women attractive, why is he all of a sudden saying this?


I went to the hospital to pick him up one day and he introduced me to her. When I saw her, my jaw literally dropped. She was probably the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Tall, skinny, blonde hair, blue eyes, light tan... I didn't understand how she wasn't on a magazine cover.


My boyfriend couldn't stop ranting in the car. He was like, "She's really stunning right? Everyone who sees her is like, WOW" And I was just quiet because it made me feel so angry.


I was officially tired of his ranting so I confronted him and this is what the conversation was:


Me: Do you think she's prettier than me?

Him: Can I be honest with you?

Me: Yes.

Him: I think she's prettier than you. Everything about her was perfect. She was absolutely beautiful and nobody can compare to her!


I find it so annoying how my boyfriend claims he has an Asian fetish. He has stated millions of times how much he finds White women unattractive. Why are his opinions all of a sudden changed? I'm confused.

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Firstly ...do you realise you are talking about your relationship as a fetish for him ...you are a person , not part of a fetish .


next , you said this


and I was talking about how Asian women tend to be more successful than White women and how they are more intelligent


which makes you no better than him


as for what he said ..he needs to learn bounderies and to keep his private thoughts to himself ...

however you pushed him to tell you the truth ...and he did .


I havent got much sympathy because you are both as bad as one another .. and at some point you both need to realise that people are people !!!

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>>I was talking about how Asian women tend to be more successful than White women and how they are more intelligent.


Seriously? A racist statement and based on no evidence at all.. you really need to change your attitude. He's angry because you made such a racist and frankly unintelligent statement. And truthfully, no one 'type' is more beautiful than another... there are beautiful women in all races. And beauty isn't the only reason people fall in love, and it won't keep people in love and staying together if there isn't more to the relationship than that.


He may be attracted to the Asian 'look' (as some people are attracted to blondes or brunettes or whatever), but it doesn't mean that Asians are 'better' than anyone else, or that he won't find other women attractive as well if a particular one strikes his fancy, as this Russian girl has.

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First of all the minute he told you he has an asian fetish you should have left him. It is just as racist for him to objectify and exoticize asian women as it is for him to put down white women. You are a trophy to him and not a person and he would gladly trade you in for the next hottest model.


Why are you with him? If it is because he is white then really ask yourself if you are using the relationship to feel more valuable because you "landed" a white dude. If that is the case then you should end it with him and try dating a broad range of guys. You may end up with a white dude but at least it will be for the right reasons I hope.

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