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Has anyone done EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) or Tapping? Here's my story..

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So, I'm surprising myself that I'm posting this given the fact I tend to be skeptical of some of these new age-y treatments, yet am fully aware that the mind is a powerful tool for healing.


For starters, I found eNA recently as I was dumped in the worst way possible out of the blue. I know many of us know this pain and I relate to many of you. (short story: while things were going amazingly with my new BF - we had just spent the perfect week on vacation. we said the "I love you's" and trusted each other. So I thought. He went out to dinner with his ex, who had dumped him a year prior, and I thought nothing of it. I trusted him. Turns out she tells him she wants him back because his situation has changed and she's ready to try again. He was surprised his feelings were still strong for her and made the difficult decision to explore those feelings and let me go. He had asked to remain friends with me which I immediately said "NO, figure your stuff out while my window closes on you".)


Needless to say, thinking things are going amazingly and this happens out of the blue, it's very hard to process. I had been going to therapy for about a year and a half for a prior heartbreak yet things up to this point were really good. I was only going every other week and sometimes didn't really have much to talk about bc things were so good and I was in a good place the last few months. The therapist that I see is an energy therapist. And while most of the time we do talk therapy, we also do some EFT ( or tapping. Yes, I thought it kooky at first (I completely rejected the 'muscle testing' practice so we don't do that).


EFT/Tapping is psychological accupressure. It's a process to acknowledge negative feelings at the same time love, accept and respect yourself. You tap on your meridians - certain points on your body. Hear me out. You find an say the negative thoughts that you are experiencing such as "even tho i'm hurting and depressed that he left me, i completely and deeply accept myself". At the same time, you tap on certain parts of your body related to meridians to move energy that's blocking you. Those horrible negative thoughts.


Last night I unloaded all the pain that I was going through. Bawling. We did about 30 minutes of tapping. Since I had been going for some time, I had already truly believed the "i completely and deeply accepted and loved myself" after the prior heartbreak. (probably also the reason I was able to reject my BF when he tried to make out with me the same day he said he wanted to explore his feelings for his ex. yes, trying to string me along, give hope, be selfish and disrespectful to himself, her, and mostly me. Alas, I digress).


So, I've continued doing the tapping after my session and hoping to sneak away at the office to do some more today. It doesn't have to take long, once you understand the practice. It's good to have a practioner do it with you, because they too can add to the energy movement to unblock what's blocking (geez, yes, I know this sounds very new age-y especially to skeptics). I honestly think that my tapping and talk session last night is making my day today much better than the days past. While I do still experience the pain, i'm hoping it goes away faster.


Here's a session that also might help you follow about breaking up. (again, these affirmations and acknowledgments of negativity do help. it still takes time)


Anyone else used this healing process?

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Yes, I've done tapping with my therapist to get through a major depressive episode and deal with family issues I have. We have never done eft as tapping is more gentle and doesn't disturb you as much. I have found it very helpful. I am totally out of my depression and moving forward in life instead of stagnating as I had been for so long.


It has also helped my relationship with my parents a lot. I used to cry every time I saw my thereapist and now I just see her once a month to tell her how well I'm doing and talk about minor issues in my life. I'd say it took about a year or so for me to get to this point.


Keep at it! Therapy is so helpful.

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