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She keeps making excuses, where do I go from here ?


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So there is a girl , where both seniors and prom is coming up and soon college will too . The past months of senior year , I rekindled the friendship and hung out with her . We would watch a movie , cuddle , be all over each other. Not only this, but outside of school we constantly texted and screen shotted embarrassing snapchats, and would laugh. The last time we hung out , I kissed her, she asked why I am doing it but didn't really hold back to stop me . She then this past weekend brought up that we can't kiss or any of that stuff , I only do it to boyfriends or what ever . Enough of the cute stuff , we sometimes , once a month usually , I would ask her what we are . she would always say "idk" and all that. So this past weekend , after she mentioned about the kissing , was the 3rd time we brought this up. I then facetimed her and facetimed her asking her out and giving her time . She then came back hours later saying how she is confused about it and how she ruins everything , and how college is coming up, and how she likes me but would go on about college and 6 months left and all I saw in her was a relationship . The next day I then attacked agin about it , saying that we are just friends then. She was like " can I still care for you and see you as someone special" and I told her all I wanted was to be closer to her and have a relationship , and it's not healthy to keep me waiting .she replyed "I mean if your intention from the beginning was to be in a relationship with me you should have told me."


She then got mad and stopped talking to me. I am currently waiting for her to text me or talk to me first , she hasn't and it has been 2 days . Do I continue waiting ? Do I go talk? What did she want from me, was she truly confused? What am I to her? Should I continue waiting for her to come to me?Please help fellow people



She replyed "ok" ending the convo before not talking to me . She said "ok." OBV being mad , but replyed "ok" after reply to her asking if she should treat me more special or still care about me. I said "It depends on us , if you still want to be friends that's fine...idk"

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Cool down, she isn't into you. You must respect that otherwise be ready to see that bridge burn. You have been painfully obvious and pushy in you intentions and she had been more than tactful.


Step back and think of this in reverse, would you want someone hounding your every move in order to be in a relationship? I sincerely doubt that you would enjoy that no matter how close you were.

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