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Relationship with roommate advice


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I got a new roommate 10 days ago, the 3rd female in my college apartment (don't worry about the other 2, this doesn't concern them, trust me). We immediately became close, as we share a wide array of interests and are similar in many ways; we essentially are what you'd call "compatible". But that was on a strictly friendly level until the weekend (6th day since she moved in/I met her) when we went partying with friends (we had been drinking) and we ended up dancing at a party which led to making out, and then we made out throughout the night wherever we went. The next night (this past Saturday) was a repeat, but on top of that we also hit "3rd base", which was my first such experience (in both giving AND receiving) and was memorable to say the least.


But after these have occurred, we haven't mentioned them at all or anything else regarding our relationship in any way. Each of us has been nonchalant and totally casual in our interactions since, never bringing up what happened (though I asked her if she remembered and she said she did) and I'm a little worried about what this all means. I CAN date her but I'm not necessarily in love with her at all, not to mention she is my roommate. I basically like her as a person and enjoy the intimacy but am not really looking for a relationship but I'm down for one; I just don't know what is going on in her head and what SHE thinks about all this, as we haven't discussed it. Btw, she will be moving out of state in a few months and is only here for the semester. Also, she's 21 and I'm 20.


What is your advice? What would you do in my situation? Have you any experience/knowledge?

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