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How about a little humour?

Aaron Hodges

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And yes, Skid Row is considered a hair band! I've never watched Gilmore Girls, but my loss, if Sebastian Bach was in it! Learn something new everyday!


ETA: Holy cow, you don't lie! Haha, that's pretty cool, lol...I'm pretty sure I shoulda known that...


I know, it's crazy to think of and of all shows too. Think he did broadway too and was on some celeb weight loss show.

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Oho, I forgot my best/funniest/most embarrassing story. (again, I think I've told this one before on ENA)


I once accidentally had a date with a homosexual guy (I'm hetero, by the way).


The original idea was to meet up with him before we both went on a camping trip with a load of other people he'd never met, so that he knew somebody in the group.

He was subtly hitting on me all day, but somehow I didn't notice at the time (in retrospect it was quite obvious and yes, I did know he was gay). I just thought he was just very friendly. And I'm friendly too, so I reciprocated....


It wasn't until we were back at his place, watching a movie, in his bedroom, on his bed, and he leaned in close and asked if he could kiss me...

Then I realised what was going on.

It's not possible to describe how stupid I felt. I felt really bad too, I think I gave the impression that I was into him too.



It's one of those things that I look back on and just cannot explain how it happened.

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