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So, a link to my break up story can be found easily on this site. I suggest anyone reading this should look at it.


I know I shouldn't feel this way, I should be happy that my life is going much better than it was two months ago, but I still feel the loss from my past relationship. I want to tell my ex that I did truly love her, and I was willing to go to the world's end to make the relationship work, but it is no use. She denied my attempts to go to therapy and couple counseling, so there is nothing more I can do. I feel as if I will never find another woman who I will fall in love with, which is not true as I am young and very loving, but I feel so hurt from everything that has occurred. It is so difficult getting over my first love, as I loved her more than anyone else I have ever met in my life. Unfortunately, when I fall in love, I fall deeply. I still think of her everyday, I try to cancel these thoughts with positive reaffirmation that the future will be great and magical, but I still fall into the pits of sadness after thinking about our failed love. Maybe I am just an idealistic romantic, but I truly thought she was "the one". She was everything I wanted in a woman: sweet, caring, funny, energetic, musical, open minded, intelligent and so on. The onle issues I had with her was that she was emotionally immature in some regards, but I didn't feel that was such a huge issue. Now, looking back at our relationship, I can see the ways that I was great. I was truly a loving partner. Believe me or not, but my ex actually told me that I was the one man in her life that made her feel confident in her own body, I made her feel that she was beautiful. I was that type of man, the type that would treat their significant other with absolute respect, devotion, and sincere love. I felt like such a monster after our break up, but I know I am not that way. I was actually a very great, wondrous boyfriend. I was the light that brought my ex out the pits of her own depression, and made her feel special and loved. I know I am only venting, but if anyone has any advice to feel less roken after a relationship ends, I would greatly appreciate it.

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