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Blue nose

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Hi guys.


After a serious talk with my girlfriend of 10 years I've decided its best to call time on our relationship. I will continue to see and support my son even though I've demand a DNA test for my peace of my mind which she is refusing to do.

And that's the problem that I have. She has no regards or respect for my feelings.


The ex contacting her when he feels like it was the last straw.

She said that she did n't mean to say that she did not want me and it was the heat of the moment. I asked her why did she say that she was not that silly to marry me. What was wrong with a straight no. I said by using the word silly you was almost telling him that I'm not really happy. So told her obviously you have been messing me about and used me as a safety net. She denied this.


I told her if you ended the relationship with him on good terms I can understand you wanting to keep in touch and don't object to that. But I said to her he treated you like a sex toy and you still want to keep in touch. What are you trying to prove. No response.


I think it's best for her to find her ex and waste each other's time. I'm just sorry it was mine.

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